Teledyne API Instructor-l​ed training provides you with an interactive and engaging classroom experience blending lectures, demonstrations, hands-on practice, and valuable Q & A sessions. Teledyne instructors are ready to:

  • Educate using hands on training
  • Answer questions and clarify misconceptions as they happen
  • Give guidance and hands on practice
  • Demonstrate concepts
Basic Maintenance​​​​ training:​​Theory of operation, maintenance and calibrations. Typically for customers new to Teledyne API instruments. This class covers one instrument type per day.
Advanced Maintenance trainingIn-depth theory of operation, pneumatic and electronic troubleshooting. Typically for customers with Teledyne API instrument experience. This is a 5 day class that covers each of our instrument types.

Customized Training (up to 8 hours per day)

Tailored to meet your specific training needs.

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Level I and II classroom training is available for a wide range of Teledyne API products.  For full details or to purchase training now, choose below. 

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