Teledyne API's expert instructor-l​ed training provides you with an interactive and engaging classroom experience blending lectures, demonstrations, hands-on practice, and valuable​ Q&A sessions. Teledyne API strives to offer the industry's best instrument training through a variety of training options, including:

​  Virtual (Webinar​-based) Training
Our webinar-based, virtual training is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve your knowledge of TAPI instrumentation and air monitoring applications. Training is offered in 4-hour increments and you can choose from either:

  • Basic instrument-specific training​ that focuses on theory of operation, menu structure, maintenance, and calibrations.
  • Customized content for TAPI instruments and applications based on your specific topics of interest.

Virtual trainings are hosted using your choice of either Zoom or Microsoft Teams and include a combination of PowerPoint presentations as well as live video demonstrations. There are also opportunities for Q&A with TAPI technical experts.

Virtual trainings can be scheduled anytime at your convenience. Pricing is $850/4-hour session with no capacity limits. Training can be purchased through our online store​ with a credit card for US customers. These trainings are very popular,​ so please provide at least 3 weeks' advanced notice for your requested training session.​


​  Basic (In-person) Training
is course is typically for those who are new to Teledyne API instruments and focuses on theory of operation, menu structure, maintenance, and calibrations. You will learn how each of our base model T Series instruments work.

  Monday   T100   SO2  
  Tuesday   T200
  Wednesday T300    CO          
  Thursday T400    O3          
  Friday   T700 & T640 Calibrator and Particulate      
Note: Industrial Ozone basic training​ focuses on operation and maintenance for ​​​process ozone instruments, including the 465H, 465L, and 465M. 

  Advanced (In-person) Training
  This is a five​-day course that encompasses advanced training on all of our base model T Series instruments (T100, T200, T300, T400, T700 and T640). This course is typically for those with Teledyne API instrument experience and focuses on in-depth pneumatic and electronic troubleshooting.
      Morning Session   Afternoon Session      
  Monday   Theory of Operation Basic Electronic Troubleshooting  
  Tuesday   Pneumatics   Pneumatics Hands-On Lab    
  Wednesday Electronics   Electronics Hands-On Lab    
  Thursday Common Failures   TAPI Factory Tour      
  Friday   APICOM/DAS/Ethernet/NumaView Remote      
Note: CEMS advanc​ed trainings focus on m​edium and high range gas instruments, including the T100H, T200M/H, and T300M.

​  Customized (In-person) ​Training​
  This training course is tailored to your specific needs and can be held at our facility in San Diego, CA, or at your facility. For more information and available dates, please contact us at +1 858-657-9800 or to obtain a quote.

For full training details​, including pricing, accommodations, and instructions on how to register, ​please click on the button below. Please take a moment to review our Cancellation Policy. You can also download ​our training flyer​.

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