Specialty Process Gas Monitors
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 Non Dispersive Infrared Monitors





  • NDIR Non Dispersive Infrared technology that works with the following gases:

SiF4, SiF3, CO, CO2, CF4, SF6, NF3, WF6 and many more
  • Microprocessor based technology

  • Fast Response time

  • High sensitivity

  • Species specific

  • No consumables

  • All solid state

  • GUI LabView Software Optional




Maintenance section coming soon.




Opti-Sense_DS_Gen_TDY.pdfOPTI-Sense Specification98 KB


Measuring Principle  Non Dispersive IR absorption
Application < 0.2 ppb (RMS)
Light Source < 0.5% of reading (RMS) above 50 ppb
Dimensions (W X H X D)   
Weight < 5 lbs
Analog Output  0-1, 5 or 10 volt, factory set
Digital Interface

RS-232-C and optional GUI interface

Response Time < 10 seconds
Power Requirements  15 VDC - Less than 10 watts (AC Power Optional)
Sample Ports 10V, 5V, 1V, 0.1V (selectable)
Zeroing  Remote Zeroing Capability
Leak Testing Vacuum Leak
Solid State  No Moving Parts
  Software  Embedded (standard) - Labview GUI Interface (optional)
Compliance  CE and RoHS



The OPTI-Sense series of sensors is based on state of the art Non-Dispersive Infrared NDIR
technology. These unique sensors are designed to precisely measure specialty gases that are
strong absorbers in the infrared spectrum typically found in semiconductor applications. They are
very compact and designed with no moving parts making them very robust and ideal for in-situ
continuous gas monitoring in a wide range of applications.  All the OPTI-Sense sensors are configured with analog and digital interface making them easy to integrate into any process.   
The OPTI-Sense includes extensive embedded software for continuous measurement and built-in
diagnostics. Optionally it is available with a run time only LabView™ graphical user interface
(GUI) that is very easy to use. This GUI software interfaces to the OPTI-Sense via the RS 232 port and is used to log and plot data. This optional GUI software is an ideal tool to characterize a process and troubleshoot a system.

IN USA, a brand of Teledyne API