Ozonator Controller
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Ozonator ControllerSCI-552 Ozonator Controller.png


ESD Fundamentals - 04786.pdfFundamentals of Electro-Static Discharge (ESD)216 KB
SAL000101A - SCI-552.pdfSCI-552 Specification3292 KB
SAL000101B-CN SCI-552.pdfSCI-552规格 (Chinese Specification)2622 KB
SAL000107B - Industrial Gas Instruments Overview.pdfIndustrial Gas Instruments Overview545 KB
SCI-552 Manual - 08626.pdfSCI-552 Manual1734 KB


  • ​​​Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Oxide growth
  • Surface conditioning
  • Ashing
  • Particle Cleaning
  • Photoresist Removal
  • Others​


2 lines x 40 character, alphanumeric, vacuum fluorescent
0.01% w/w
 Cycle Time
Continuous measurement, refreshed every 2 sec or 0.5 Hz
 Digital I/O
RS-232 C, bi-directional
 Device I/O
          Generator Support
          MFC Control
          Backpressure Controller
          Ozone Generator
          EV Valve

Designed to support 2 Ozone Generators, industry standard pinout
4 - DB-9 Connectors for 4 MFCs
2 - DB-15 Connectors for 2 Electronic Backpressure regulators
2 - 10 pin IDC header for 2 Ozone Generators
2 - 2 Pin Connectors - 24 VDC​
1 - DB-15 Connector for chiller
 Customer System I/O

          Serial Digital

1 - System Hardware Interlock
1 - Communications Interlock (user configurable)
1 - Software Interlock (Backpressure)
RE-232, DB-25 (Modbus standard - other options available)
 AC Power
90 to 240VAC, 50/60 Hz
 Typical Power Consumption
Less than 225 W
​​​Dimensions (WxHxD)
​19.0" x 7.0" x 9.0" (48.0 cm x 17.8 cm x 22.86 cm)
​10.9 lbs. (4.94 kg)
Designed for indoor use only​
Operating Temperature
​5 - 35°C
Relative Humidity
​80%, non-condensing
​1 year

​​Specifications subject to change without notice.
All specifications are based on constant conditions.​


  • ​RS-232 MODBUS remote support
  • Control up to 2 Ozone Generators
  • Interface with up to 2 Model 452 & Model 470 Ozone Sensors
  • Control up to 4 Mass Flow Controllers
  • Control up to 2 Backpressure Controllers
  • Control up to 2 EV Valves
  • Control a water chiller
  • System Interlock Inputs
  • Remote system-level controls and status I/O


The SCI-552 is a system controller for ozone delivery systems that provides electronic control interfaces for a number of typical system components, including: ozone generators, EV valves, mass flow controllers, back-pressure controllers, Teledyne API 452 ozone sensors, Teledyne API 470 dissolved ozone sensors, and a water chiller.

​The SCI-552 features hardware and software support for a number of system interlock functions. The SCI-552 provides flexibility for the end user, allowing control of the system via the front panel user interface, MODBUS serial interface, or various discrete digital and analog I/O points. The SCI-552 is designed to support two ozone generators providing two independent channels of ozone output.