​Factory Repair by the Instrument Experts

Teledyne API accepts instruments, sub-assemblies, modules and PCA's for evaluation and repair. Customers in the U.S. who are in need of service to their unit(s) should complete the Return Material Authorization (RMA) form below. All other customers should contact their place of purchase for assistance.

Note: you must download and complete the form in Adobe® Reader in order to submit

Return Material Authorization Form

Please be advised that instrument repair turn-around times are currently longer than normal. Both Flat Rate and Non-Flat Rate factory repairs will be a minimum of 10-12 weeks.

Warranty Repairs

If the unit is a warranty repair - as determined by the date of purchase or when we shipped it - you'll need to submit a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form to get an RMA number and return the product for service at no charge. Material, labor and return shipping are included. Upon receipt of the submitted RMA form, a representative from Customer Service will contact you with shipping instructions.

Please refer to section 15 of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale for warranty policy information.​

Non-warranty Repairs

​Teledyne API is pleased to provide a product flat rate factory service repair plan for most of our Environmental and Industrial Gas products. We understand the importance of instrument uptime with your applications and a flat rate repair plan helps keep your mission critical components on-line!  The flat rate repair process removes the uncertainty associated with repair costs and significantly improves repair turnaround time – a critical need for the challenging environments where our products are used. 

In addition, the product flat rate repair plan is comprehensive and consistent, and will ensure your product is refurbished to original factory performance specifications prior to return shipment.

The Flat Rate Repair Plan includes:

  • Visual inspection and 'as found' evaluation
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Parts and labor for repair
  • Parts and labor for preventative annual maintenance service
  • Instrument calibration
  • Final testing according to factory performance specifications
  • Full report including repair details, replacement parts, calibration, and final test results
  • 90-day​ standard warranty

The following models have flat rate repair service:

Industrial Gas

452, OPTI-Sense, 465L, 465M, 465H

​Environmental Gas

All T-Series including: T100, T100U, T100H, T101, T102, T108, T200, T200U, T200M, T200H, T200P, T200UP, T200U NOy, T201, T265, T300, T300U, T300M, T400, T500U, T700, T700U, T701, T701H, T750, T750U, T753U, T802, as well as the Model N500 and 751H.

If the unit qualifies for the flat rate pricing, it will be repaired and calibrated after receipt of the purchase order (PO), and shipped back to you without any additional authorization. Instruments that have excessive damage will not qualify for flat rate pricing and, in this situation, an estimate will be prepared and repairs will not proceed until you have authorized the repair.

Any models not included in the flat rate repair program will be quoted based on time and material required to repair the unit. ​A representative from Customer Service will provide an estimate for the cost of the repair. Once the estimate is approved, the unit will then be repaired and returned. If the estimate is declined, there will be an ​Evaluation/Scrap Fee invoiced to you. 

To request a flat rate repair, please ​fill out a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form. You should receive a verification of submission once the form is received. For more information on flat rate repair, please read our FAQ. ​

Sellers Offer, and any order issued by Buyer to Seller for the goods and/or services specified herein, is strictly limited to Seller's General Terms & Conditions​.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or call us at +1 858-657-9800.