M​otor vehicle emissions are a major source of air pollution in urban areas and impact the lives of billions of people every day around the world.  Motor vehicle exhaust contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to people’s health when exposed at certain levels. These toxic fumes cause smog in the atmosphere, which can affect very broad regional air sheds and contribute to the formation of cancer​.

Teledyne API has several products specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of near-road air quality monitoring.​
  Nitrogen Compound Instruments
Gas Model Ranges 
Direct, True NO2
Direct, True Nitrogen Dioxide
0-5 ppb / 0-1,000 ppb
Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide​​
0-5 ppb / 0-2,000 ppb
0-50 ppb / 0-20 ppm
True NO, NO, NOx
Nitrogen Oxide, True Nitrogen Dioxide
T200P 0-50 ppb / 0-4,000 ppb
T200UP 0-5 ppb / 0-2,000 ppb
  Carbon Compound Instruments
Gas Model Ranges 
Carbon Monoxide
T300U 0-100 ppb / 0-100 ppm
T300 0-1 ppm / 0-1,000 ppm
  Oxygen Compound Instruments
Gas Model Ranges 
T265 0-100 ppb / 0-2,000 ppb
T400 0-100 ppb / 0-10 ppm
0-100 ppb / 0-10 ppm​​
430 0-100 ppb / 0-20,000 ppb
  Gas Calibrators & Zero Air Generators
Gas Model Ranges 
All gases T700U Available MFC’s: 0-10 cc/min to 0-20 LPM
T700 Available MFC’s: 0-10 cc/min to 0-20 LPM
T701 18 SLPM at 30 psig
18 SLPM at 30 psig​
T701H 30 SLPM at 30 psig
30 SLPM at 30 psig;
10 SLPM at 60 psig

T750 Available MFC’s: 0-10 cc/min to 0-20 LPM
T750U Available MFC’s: 0-10 cc/min to 0-20 LPM
751H 0-10 LPM, 30 PSI
T703 Ozone Output: 50 ppb to 10 ppm
T703U Ozone Output: 3 ppb to 10 ppm
T753U Ozone Output: 3 ppb to 10 ppm
  Particulate Instruments
Gas Model Ranges 
Continuous real-time PM Mass Monitoring T640 PM2.5, PM10, PM10-2.5