• Ozone for sterilization and disinfection: When is it safe to return to the area?

    465L_NEMA.png​​Reduce the risk of ozone exposure and ensure staff safety by monitoring disinfected areas and workspaces before letting your staff return to the building.

    If you are using ozone to sterilize storage areas, workplaces, medical environments or containers, it is important that you measure and control the level of ozone after the sterilization has taken place, to ensure a safe working environment following the sterilization.  This can be done using the Teledyne API (TAPI) Model 465L Ozone Monitor.

    The Model 465L Single/Multi-Channel Industrial Safety Ozone Analyzer (see figure on right) is an extremely stable, accurate, and fast responding ozone concentration monitor that is based on a UV-absorbance technique for measuring ozone.  The instrument is ideal for critical low-level ppm safety applications for measuring residual ozone in single or multiple locations. 

    The 465L multi-channel stream selector option gives t​he user the ability to monitor up to six different locations with on​​e instrument.  Each measurement sampling point can be programmed to a specific dwell time with alarm settings per channels. This allows for cost-savings and simplified communication as only one instrument is reporting back to your PC or other external device. 

    For more information, please visit the 465L product page on the TAPI website or contact our sales team at: api-sales@teledyne.com.