• Are You Using the Health Status Report for T Series Instruments?

    ​A gas instrument’s health is essential to ensure data obtained from it is accurate. In continuous emissions monitoring, a quality assurance (QA/QC) and maintenance plan is not only necessary, it is a requirement. While not all of these programs are identical, they do share one thing in common: collect enough information on how the gas instrument is maintained to prove the gas concentration data produced is accurate. One method for fulfilling the QA/QC requirements is to record the status of a gas instrument by obtaining various test parameters on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These parameters can be useful in proving the gas instrument is operating properly in the event that the accuracy of the data provided by the instrument comes into question.​​​​

    The Teledyne API (TAPI) T Series gas instruments now feature NumaView™ Software with a ‘Health Status Report’ which supports some of the requirements of a QA/QC program. In addition, it’s a helpful troubleshooting tool for the instrument technician or engineer and it can also be sent to TAPI Tech Supp​​​​ort to further aid in troubleshooting any situation. Please consult with your management team to ensure sharing data from a regulatory instrument is allowed.

    ​The Health Status Report provides a snapshot of the instrument’s health by recording several test functions and saving them to a .csv file that can be easily saved to a PC or printed for future reference. The test functions saved are unique to each T Series model and include acceptable limits for each value. This not only allows for a quick check to see if any parameters are out of tolerance, you can also compare these values to the final test data sheet provided with each instrument when they ship from the factory.

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