​​Fenceline air quality monitoring has become an area of growing interest over the past several years. Certain industrial facility processes result in the emissions of air toxins and other air pollutants into the ambient air and surrounding communities. To mitigate these fugitive emissions, facilities will typically put control systems in place, combined with perimeter (fenceline) air monitoring to assure these safety measures are working effectively. In addition, continuous and real-time air monitoring help to alert the facility to process gas leaks, failures of their control systems, or other activities that lead to unexpected fugitive emissions. This information helps the facility to take quick action and minimize pollutant emissions to the surrounding community. In addition, government regulatory air quality agencies around the world have begun putting air monitoring policies in place that require certain industrial facilities to perform fenceline air monitoring and report their data for transparency.

​Teledyne API provides a complete line of ambient air quality monitoring instruments, including those for both gas and particulate pollution, as well as calibration instruments that help ensure consistently high data quality to government agencies, consultants, industrial facilities, and institut​ions around the world. All of our products include advanced communications capabilities that are designed to integrate seamlessly into other external data systems, providing real-time and transparent access to any instrument data or other diagnostic parameters​.

  Sulfur Compound Instruments
Gas Model Ranges  
Sulfur Dioxide
T100U 0-5 ppb / 0-20,000 ppb
T100 0-50 ppb / 0-20 ppm
H2S, SO2
Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide
T1010-50 ppb / 0-5 ppm
Total Reduced Sulfur, Sulfur Dioxide
​​T102 0-50 ppb / 0-10 ppm
  Nitrogen Compound Instruments
Gas Model Ranges  
Direct, True NO2
Direct, True Nitrogen Dioxide
0-5 ppb / 0-1,000 ppb
True NO2​​, NOX, NO
True Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide
0-5 ppb / 0-1,000 ppb
Ammonia, Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide
0-50 ppb / 0-2,000 ppb
Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide

T200U 0-5 ppb / 0-2,000 ppb
T200 0-50 ppb / 0-20 ppm
  Carbon Compound Instruments
Gas Model Ranges  
Carbon Monoxide​​​​
​ T300U​​ 0-100 ppb / 0-100 ppm
 0-1 ppm / 0-1,000 ppm
Carbon dioxide
0-2 ppm / 0-2,000 ppm​​
  Hydrocarbon Instruments
​ Model​​Ranges  

Methane, Total Hydrocarbons 
N901 ​​0-5 ppm / 0-1,000 ppm​ (Methane)
  Gas Calibrators & Zero Air Generators
Gas Model Ranges  
All gases T700U Available MFC’s: 0-10 cc/min to 0-20 LPM
T700 Available MFC’s: 0-10 cc/min to 0-20 LPM
T701 0-18 LPM, 30 PSI
T701H 0-30 LPM, 35 PSI
  Particulate Instruments
​ Model​​Ranges  

Continuous real-time PM Mass Monitoring T640 ​​PM2.5, PM10, PM10-2.5