Flat Rate Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Teledyne API switch from quoting each repair to a flat rate repair? 

A: Effective 22 May 2019, we switched to the flat rate repair process to reduce the turnaround time for repairs by eliminating the quote and approval process that has traditionally been done. Repairs are estimated to be completed by as much as two weeks faster. 

Q: What do I get for the flat rate repair?

A: A flat rate repair includes the following:

  • Visual inspection when the unit arrives
  • Leak Check
  • Evaluation to verify and troubleshoot the problem
  • Ordering Parts - only authentic Teledyne parts are used for the repair
  • Repair of the issue
  • Preventative and annual maintenance is performed to ensure long-​lasting reliable performance 
  • Factory testing to ensure the instrument passes all tests
  • Calibration Certificate if applicable
  • Clean up
  • Repair report which includes verification of the issue, the work performed to correct the issues, parts used for the repair and any other observations

Q: Does the flat rate cover any repair?

A: ​No, the flat rate does not cover catastrophic failures of the product. If the cost of the repair is considered 'beyond economical repair' (BER)​, you will be notified with options for the return of the product, disposal of the product or an estimate for the repair.

Q: What are the flat rates?

A:​​​​ The flat rates are as follows:

Model 452 Flat Rate = $1600.00

Model 465L Flat Rate = $2100.00

Model 465M Flat Rate = $2300.00

Model 465H Flat Rate = $2200.00

Model OPTI-​​Sense Flat Rate = $2300.00

​Failure Analysis Repo​rt (FAI) = $175.00

Q: How are the repair rates set?

A: The flat repair rates are based on a 5-year average of all repairs for a given product. Teledyne API is not trying to charge more for repairs, but instead make the repair process easier for everyone involved.

Q: Can I still get an estimate for my repair before deciding to go through with the repair?

A: No, we now only offer flat rate repair for the models that qualify. If a flat rate has not been established, then we will provide an estimate for the repair of that model only.

Q: Is there an expedite option to get my repair returned more quickly?​

A: Yes, depending on the volume of work in the repair shop. The expedite fee is $825.00 in addition to the flat repair rate. The expedite fee will make that RMA the first on bench when it arrives.