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 OG - 5000 Series

  High Purity Water Cooled Ozone Generator​​

 Ozone Generator



  • High Purity Ozone
  • Very high ozone concentrations
  • Environmentally friendlier than other process gases
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No consumables
  • Compact and Modular
  • Proven technology


Maintenance section coming soon.  ​


OG5000 Series_DS_TDY.pdfOG-5000 High Purity Specification688 KB
OG50000.pdfOG5000 Manual529 KB


  Max Ozone Production 

​OG-5000-A   210g/hr 
OG-5000-B  150g/hr

 Control Interface Remote Control​

 Front Panel or Automatic Remote Control

 Remote on off or Servo Control via  SCI Controller 

Feed Gas 

Oxygen Grade : Grade 6 or better,

Nitrogen Grade: Grade 5 or better (0.5% only)

Feed Gas Flow Rate : 0 .5 to 20 slpm                                                                                                                     

Operating conditions

Ozone Outlet Pressure
Operating  Ambient Temperature
Cooling Water Temperature
Cooling Water Flow
Cooling Water Quality


15 to 40 psig (Typically set to 30 psig)
5-35 degreec C
20 degrees C+3 degrees C (do not cool below local dew point
1 to 1.2 gpm at 60 psig
Any fab grade

​Power (VAC)
​208/240 VAC Single or Three Phase
308/340 VAC Three Phase
Frequency  50 or 60 HZ
​Current  15 amps Breaker 10 Amps RMS

Physical Specifications 


Dimensions (WxHxD)  : 19" x  10.5" 18" (48 cm x27 cm x45 cm)

Weight 82 Lbs. (27 kg)     



  • Semiconductor
    • Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD
    • Atomic Layer Deposition ALD
    • Oxide Growth
    • Surface conditioning
    • Particle cleaning
    • Photoresist removal
    • Ashing
    • Others​


The IN USA Series, a brand of Teledyne API, OG-5000 series of Ozone Generators is designed to produce ultra clean, high purity and very high concentration ozone gas that is ideal for a wide range of Semiconductor process applications.

The OG-5000 Ozone generators produce Ozone gas by exciting molecular oxygen in a high intensity electrical field, which is established by applying an alternating voltage between two electrodes. In order to obtain high intensity electrical fields the two electrode surfaces are placed in very close mechanical proximity. When the strength of the field integrated across the gap is larger than the breakdown voltage of the oxygen that fills the gap, discharges take place, and ozone is generated. The addition of ppm levels of a "doping" or "spiking" gas such as Nitrogen maximizes the ozone output and ensures a highly stable production of ozone over time.

The high purity wetted materials in the OG-5000 Ozone generators series, combined with an innovative cell design, unique sealing technique and a state of the art controller ensures the production of high purity and very high concentration ozone gas to meet the demanding requirements of all applications in the Semiconductor Industry.​