Ozone Delivery System

High Concentration​ - High Purity 

 OZONE Delivery System


  • A Five Channels Ozone Leak detector to monitor for any leaks in and around the ODS system and the Tool
  • Cooling water leak detector
  • Low flow cooling water detection
  • Magnehelic switch to detect of loss of exhaust pressure
  • Supports up to 4 independent servo control loops
  • Analog and / or Digital interface
  • An (optional) Ozone Destruct Module to destroy any excess
  • ozone not required by the process
  • Mounted in an 19 inch rack exhausted enclosure on casters



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High Purity Ozone Generator Up to 350 g/NM3
Flow Rates  Up to 100 Lpm regulated by built in MFC's
Ozone Output Pressure
 Regulated to 30 PSIA
 Up to 4 independent servo control loops
Ozone Monitor
 UV absorption analyzer with range from 0 to 400 g/Nm3
Ozone Leak Detection  Five channels UV absorption analyzer
Feed Gas  High Grade O2 with N2 droping
Ozone Process Output Channels  Up to 4 
Enclosure dimensions Exhausted type: 72 x 24 x 31" (1844 x 615 x 804 mm)
Cooling water 17ºC to 20º C (63º F to 68º F)​


Given its versatility and ease of installation and use, the ODS - Ozone Delivery System has been deployed in a wide range of wafer processing applications requiring ozone at different concentration and flow rate such as:

  • Semiconductor​
    • Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD
    • Atomic Layer Deposition ALD
    • Oxide Growth
    • Surface conditioning
    • Particle cleaning
    • Photoresist removal
    • Ashing​


The ODS series is an Ozone Gas Delivery System that is designed to deliver High Purity Ozone gas on demand and very precisely for the most demanding Semiconductor wet or dry wafer processing applications. This highly reliable ODS system is ideal for applications requiring high concentration ozone at a wide range of flow rates. The ODS system is designed to be custom configured to provide up to 4 output lines of continuous ozone gas.  With its built in state of the art Microprocessor based controller it is designed to interface to most of the Semiconductor Wafer Processing tools on the market.  The ozone is produced on demand remotely and precisely via a closed loop control sub-system that is a subset of the ODS system.  Most importantly, the ODS system is designed with very stringent safety guidelines and includes a multi-channel ozone leak detector that interlocks the generators in case of a leak.  Furthermore, the system comes in an exhausted enclosure where all the process gas lines and fittings are internally mounted and therefore double contained.  Lastly this ODS system is very easy to install and operate.  ​