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 Mini ODS 

 Compact Ozone Delivery System

Mini ODS ​



  • Compact design

  • Produces O3 Concentrations over 21% w/w

  • 19” rack mountable or table top

  • Low cost of ownership / no consumables

  • Fully integrated solution including:

  • High Purity Ozone Generator

  • High Concentration Ozone Analyzer

  • Closed Loop Servo Controller

  • Oxygen MFC

  • Nitrogen MFC

  • Back Pressure Regulator

  • Electro-pneumatic divert valve


​ Maintenance section coming soon.  



MINI-ODS_ALD.pdfMini ODS Specifications152 KB



The MINI-ODS was designed to interface very easily to any of the wafer processing tools on the market whether for R&D or Production applications.  One of the many applications where the MINI-ODS has been very popular is in semiconductor ALD applications where high concentration of Ozone are required and where Ozone is generated in situ and on demand eliminating the need of onsite storage and disposal of chemicals.  As a precursor, ozone is more efficient than water vapor yielding:

  •  Higher throughput
  •  Better surface uniformity
  •  Lower wafer processing cost
  •  Superior thickness control​



The Mini-ODS is an innovative Ozone Delivery System designed to produce high concentrations of ozone for a wide range of wafer processing applications requiring very high ozone concentration 21% w/w, 320 g//Nm3 or more. It is a very compact yet complete ozone delivery system including a High Purity Ozone Generator, a High Concentration Monitor, a powerful Microprocessor based controller and all the required regulators and pneumatics, making the Mini-ODS a turnkey solution. 

The Mini-ODS's  compact frame and lightweight body combine portable convenience with unparalleled performance, making it superior to other ozone systems on the market. The system is very easy to use and can be custom configured for any unique requirement. The Mini-ODS is expandable to support additional Ozone Generators running independent processes requiring different levels of Ozone concentrations and Flow rates. Optionally the Mini-ODS can interface to a Dissolved Ozone Analyzer typically required in wet processes. It also can be interlocked with Teledyne's NIST traceable UV absorption based Multi-Channel Ozone Leak Detectors and any of Teledyne's Ozone destruct systems. This makes the Mini-ODS the only turnkey solution on the market from a single supplier.​

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