​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​NumaView Software for today's monitoring needs.


NumaView™ Software is a premier interface for ​the T Series product line.

Immediate productivity.
​Efficient navigation, a full touchscreen and graphing tools deliver results instantly.


Make it personal.

Customize the interface to control what you see and what it brings to your attention.

 Efficient analysis of data.

Improved data acquisition and logging capabilities for collecting

and analyzing data.


​ NumaView™ Software provides sophisticated triggers for initiating data logging, 

including periodic and conditional. The data can be viewed directly on the display 

over a selected period of time. Results also can be downloaded onto a USB flash 

drive or via standard T Series I/O ports​.

Remote operation, diagnostics, 

and data download using NumaView​ Remote Software.*


* Example of NumaView™  Remote Software​ used on a windows based tablet.

Software designed to meet global needs.

Improve your productivity today with

 ​NumaViewTM  Softwa​re for T Series instruments.

Features include:​​​

Health Status Report
Customizable alerts
Customizable dashboard
One touch real time graphing
Multiple language support
Graphical zero, span and multi-point calibrations
Custom DAS that can be triggered conditionally​
Predictive maintenance capability

Remote software su​pport​​