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Model 108E

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Total Sulfur Analyzer

The TAPI Model 108E is designed to measure mixed sulfur impurities, collectively referred to as Total Sulfides (TS), in air or carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. Since there is no SO2 scrubber in the system, the instrument reading is the sum of the oxidized sulfur compounds and SO2.

The Model 108E consists of a modified M100E UV Fluorescence SO2 Analyzer, with special software and a M501TS high temperature thermal oxidizer. Sulfur compounds are heated as they pass through the converter and are oxidized into SO2.

When analyzing CO2, which generally contains no oxygen, there is an assembly to add air, giving approximately 6% oxygen to the sample before it passes through the converter. This dilution of the sample gas is corrected in the calibration procedure. The added oxygen allows the sulfur compounds to be oxidized to SO2 making the M108E respond to the total number of sulfur molecules in the sample gas. SO2 is unaffected by the converter.

The M108E uses the proven UV fluorescence principle, coupled with state of the art microprocessor technology to provide accurate and dependable low level measurements of TS. Exceptional stability is achieved with the use of an optical shutter to compensate for PMT drift and a reference detector to correct for changes in UV lamp intensity.

A hydrocarbon “kicker” and advanced optical design combine to prevent inaccuracies due to interferents. The multi-tasking software gives real time indication of operational parameters and provides automatic alarms if diagnostic limits are exceeded.

  • Standard two year warranty
  • 0-50 ppb to 20,000 ppb ranges as SO2, user selectable
  • Microprocessor controlled for versatility
  • Multi-tasking software allows viewing of test variables during operation
  • Auto Ranging, Dual Range and remote range selection
  • Continuous self checking with alarms
  • Dual Bi-directional RS232 ports for remote operation (optional
  • RS-4
  • 5 or Ethernet)
  • Digital Status outputs provide instrument operating condition
  • Internal Data logging with 1 min to 365 day multiple averages
  • Continuous Automatic Zero correction
  • Adaptive signal filtering optimizes response time
  • Temperature & pressure compensation
  • Critical orifices provide flow stability
  • APIcom remote operation software

Ranges: 0-50 ppb to 0-20,000 ppb full range as SO2, user selectable; Dual ranges and auto ranging supported
Units: ppb, ppm, µg/m3, mg/m3
Zero noise: < 0.2 ppb (RMS)
Span noise: < 0.5% of reading (RMS) above 50 ppb
Lower Detectable Limit (LDL): 0.4 ppb
Zero Drift: < 0.5 ppb/24 hours, 1 ppb/7 days
Span Drift: < 0.5% of reading/24 hours, 1% reading/7 days
Lag time: 20 seconds
Rise and Fall Time: < 120 seconds to 95%
Linearity: 1% of full scale
Precision: 0.5% of reading
Sample Flow Rate: 650 cc/min ±10%
Operating Temperature Range: 5 - 40°C
Minimum Conversion Efficiency: H2S: 98%, COS: 90%, CS2: 90%
Dimensions (HxWxD): 7” (178 mm) x 17” (432 mm) x 23.5” (597 mm) each for analyzer and converter
Weight: Analyzer – 39 lbs (17.4 kg)
Converter – 24 lbs (11 kg)
Power: 100V-120V, 220V-240V, 50/60Hz, 440 Watts (analyzer and converter)
Analog Outputs: 10V, 5V, 1V, 0.1V, selectable
Recorder Offset: ±10%
Serial Outputs: Serial Port 1: RS-232, DB-9M
Serial Port 2: standard RS-232 or optional RS-485, DB-9F, Ethernet
Status (Digital): 8 outputs, 6 inputs (opto-isolated), 4 alarm outputs (optional)
Current Output: Optional 4-20mA, select up to three channels
Approvals: CE


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