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Problem Report Forms

Model 200EH / 200EM - Warranty Repair Questionnaire

A PDF version of this form is available here.

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Test values:
ParameterObserved valueUnitsNominal Range
Range ppm 1 ppm - 5000 ppm
NOx STB ppm < =1 ppb with zero air
Sample Flow cm³/min 200EM=250+-25
Ozone Flow cm³/min 250 ± 25 cm³/min
PMT signal with zero air mV -20 to 150 mV
PMT signal at span gas conc mV ppm mV/ppm 0-5000 mV at 0-5000 ppm
NORM PMT at span gas conc mv ppm mV/ppm 0-5000 mV at 0-5000 ppm
AZERO mV -20 to 150 mV
HVPS V 400 - 800 V
Rcell Temperature ºC 50 ± 1º
Box Temperature ºC Ambient + ~5º
O2 Cell Temperature ºC 50 + ~1º
PMT Temperature ºC 7 ± 2º
Block Temp ºC 50 ± 1º

Moly Temperature
Converter Temperature

ºC 315 ± 5º (moly)
700 ± 10º (conv)
RCel Pressure in-HG-A <10
Sample Pressure in-Hg-A Ambient -~1
NO Slope   1.0± 0.3
NO Offset mV -50 to 150 mV
NOx Slope   1.0± 0.3
NOX Offset mV -50 to 150 mV
Electric Test PMT mV 2000 ± 1000 mV
Optic Test (with zero air) PMT mV 2000± 500 mV
Has the analyzer been checked for leaks?Yes No
Has the analyzer been checked for correct flows?Yes No
If possible, please include a portion of the strip chart pertaining to the problem. Circle pertinent data.
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