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US customers can rent TAPI equipment. Learn more.
If your location is not shown below, please contact Teledyne API directly at 858-657-9800.


California & Nevada

California (south of and including San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernadino counties)
Nevada (south of and including Esmeralda, NYE and Lincoln counties)

Cal-Bay Controls, Inc.
24310 Moulton Parkway, Suite # O-528
Laguna Hills, CA 92637

Charles Prebay

Phone: 714-258-7070
Fax: 949-461-9577
Email: info@calbaycontrols.com
Website: www.calbaycontrols.com

California (North of and excluding San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernadino Counties)
Nevada (North of and excluding Esmeralda, Nye, and Lincoln Counties)

Clipper Controls, Inc.
330 Townsend Street, Suite 107
San Francisco, CA 94107-1630

Craig Johnson

Phone: 415-808-2469
Fax: 415-808-2470
E-mail: craig@clippercontrols.com
Website: www.clippercontrols.com
Tennessee (zip codes below 38000)

Daly Instrumentation & Controls, Inc.
1429 Westport Road
Knoxville, TN 37922

Mimi Daly

Phone: 865-584-6055
Fax: 866-673-0361
E-mail: mimi@dalyinstrumentation.com

Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland (zip codes 21500 to 21599), Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania (zip code 16799 and below), & West Virginia

Control Analytics, Inc.
6017 Enterprise Drive
Export PA 15632

Greg Banchiere

Phone: 724-387-2367
Fax: 724-327-4300
Email: sales@controlanalytics.com
Website: www.controlanalytics.com

Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and  Wisconsin

Direct Sales:
Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
9970 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92131

Inside Sales

Phone: 858-657-9800
Fax: 858-657-9816
Email: api-sales@teledyne.com
Alabama, Mississippi, & Tennessee (zip code 38001 and above)

Devenish & Associates
2807 Castle Pines Circle
Hampton Cove, AL 35763

Tom Devenish

Phone: 256-512-0005
Fax: 256-539-0512
E-mail: tom@devenishassociates.com
Website: www.devenishassociates.com
Florida & Georgia

Allan Sawyer, Regional Sales Manager
Cell: 858-999-7647
Work: 508-528-8461
Email: Allan.Sawyer@Teledyne.com
Washington, Oregon, & Alaska

Precision Analytical Instruments
9200 42nd Ave. N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115

John Stephan

Phone: 206-664-7664
Fax: 206-523-9491
Email: john.stephan@40CFR.com
Texas (excluding the counties of El Paso and Hudspeth)

Ranger Analytics, Inc.
250 Ave E
Stafford, TX 77477

Kirk Wilkerson

Phone: 281-261-0902
Fax: 281-261-0941
Email: kirk.wilkerson@rangeranalytics.com
Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, & Wyoming

Doug Haugen, Regional Sales Manager

Cell: 970-227-4180
Work: 970-224-3686
Email: Douglas.Haugen@Teledyne.com
Arkansas & Oklahoma

STI CEMS Services
4564 Rebeccas Rd
Waldron, AR 72958

Wade Day

Phone: 479-637-2696
Fax: 479-637-2222
Email: wade.day@sticems.com
Website: www.sticems.com
Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, E. Pennsylvania (zip code 16800 and above), Maryland (excluding zip codes 21500 to 21599), Delaware, & the District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

The J. J. Wilbur Co., Inc.
PO Box 397
97 South Main Street
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
Phone: 603-880-7100
Fax: 603-880-3157
Email: johnw@jjwilbur.com

327 West Morgan Street
Unit 202
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
Phone: (919) 867-1800

John Wilbur

Phone: 603-880-7100
Email: johnw@jjwilbur.com


Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, & Saskatchewan

Pacwill Environmental
4961 King St. E Unit T1
Beamsville, Ontario L0R 1B0

Sean Miner

Phone: 905-563-9097
Fax: 905-563-9283
Email: sales@pacwill.ca
Website: www.pacwill.ca

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Labrador, & Newfoundland

Ferro Environmental
20 Duke Street # 107
Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 2Z5

John Barkhouse

Phone: 902-835-9337
Fax: 902-835-8166
Email: jbarkhouse@ccii.com

Alberta & British Columbia

J.C. Andelle Inc.
3757 Jacombs Road,
Unit 115,
Richmond, B.C., V6V 2R3

Jesse Wong

Phone: 604-273-3836
Fax: 877-657-2670
Toll-free: 877-906-8080
Email: jcwong@jcandelle.com
Website: www.jcandelle.com


Periferios y Sistemas S.A. de C.V. (PERSIS)
Av. Division Del Norte 525-701
Col. Del Valle
Delegacion Benito Juarez
Mexico City 03100

Ernesto Martinez Santillan

Phone: +52-568-77788
Fax: +52-568-76602
Email: ernestoms@persis.com.mx

Puerto Rico and United States Virgin Islands

Bioanalytical Instruments, Inc.
1828 Calle Reina de las Flores
Bo. Monacillos
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00927

Robert Gregory

Phone: 787-757-1710
Fax: 787-757-1710
Email: Robert_Gregory@bioanalytica.com

United States

Industrial Ozone Products

Dan Dycha, Eastern US Regional Sales Manager
Email: dan.dycha@teledyne.com
Phone: 1.704.936.6114

Nicholas Lucero (Western) US Regional Sales Manager
Email: nicholas.lucero@teledyne.com
Phone number: 1.505.486.5034

Ben Battat, Other
Email: ben.battat@teledyne.com
Phone: 1.858.642.7711

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