• Ozone for sterilization and disinfection: How much ozone is being produced?

    452-with dim.PNGIf you are developing a sterilization system or a disinfection unit that uses ozone, please ensure you are using the correct device to measure the ozone output from your system. 

    There are many ozone measurement methods, but the UV absorption method is the most accurate method to effectively measure a wide range of concentrations, with little to no interferences from other gases.

    The Teledyne API (TAPI) Model 452 Process Ozone Sensor (see figure on right) is an accurate, stable, and fast responding ozone concentration monitor that is based on a UV-absorbance technique for measuring ozone.

    Its compact size allows for easy installation in process applications. The flow pattern is a straight through design (eliminating turns and elbows), reducing exposed surface area.

    It has been designed to be embedded in commercial ozone generators to measure the exact ozone concentration on a continuous basis.  It is used around the world in many process applications ranging from sterilization equipment, semiconductor wafer fabrication, ozone generator systems, and more.

    For more information, please visit the 452 product page​ on the TAPI website or contact our sales team at: api-sales@teledyne.com.