• New Model 500 CAPS NOX Analyzer Raises the Bar for True NO2 – NOX – NO Measurements

    ​​We are excited to announce the launch of the Model 500 CAPS True NO2-NOX-NO Analyz​er with NumaView™ Software.


    The Model 500 CAPS NOX analyzer uses superior Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) Spectroscopy to measure True NO2, NOX, and NO gases. The instrument combines direct NO2 measurements with highly efficient gas phase titration (GPT) to convert and measure the NO gas component. An automatic baseline reference cycle accounts and compensates for any potential baseline drift due to varying environmental conditions.

    CAPS technology is inherently accurate and sensitive, uses very little power, and requires far less maintenance than Chemiluminescence. The Model 500 raises the bar for NO2, NOX, and NO measurement accuracy, while simultaneously reducing instrument operation and maintenance costs.

    For more information, please contact us at api-sales@teledyne.com or +1 858-657-9800.​